10 tips for buying or selling a home

1. Prepare your house for sale:
* The best looking house for the best price will sell first.
* First impressions are extremely important – there are NO second chances.

2. Selling your house:
A small amount of time or money invested in repairs will reap $100s or $1000s back at closing.

3. Take a walk around the outside of your house – look at it the way a potential buyer would, then address those items that might bother that potential buyer.

4. A good welcome mat outside and inside the front door will welcome prospective buyers and protect your carpets and floors.

5. The interior should sparkle – pack all those extra items and photos away NOW – they will need to be packed when you move anyway.

6. Looking for your next dream home?
Make your wish list: how large a house or condo, number of rooms, type of rooms, amenities desired, location, neighborhood, beach, 55+, golf, maintenance free, etc. This will provide a good starting point.

7. Speak with the mortgage loan officer and/or your financial planner to get an idea of your price range before you begin your search.

8. If you are financing, shop for mortgage rates but remember to also ask about ALL costs & fees. Costs such as origination fees and discount points can add up. Ask for a Good Faith Estimate listing these and other costs of the loan. It will give you a good idea of the total cost.

9. Be patient, every home you visit will help define your next dream home.

10. Keep good notes: if you visit too many it’s easy to forget which was which.

Last Let your realtor and the other professionals guide you through the process; then after the closing, go and enjoy your new home!

Judy Nicolosi, Realtor
Judy Nicolosi, Realtor